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Our Business

We specialize in high quality test solutions that can simulate and record your environment. Our highly customizable test equipment is capable of accelerated stress testing systems for HALT/HASS applications, temperature and humidity cycling, thermal shock, product stress screening, combined environmental testing, controlled humidity exposure, vibration testing, and functional and measurement testing.

About Us

Established since 1992, Logicom Instruments have been providing reliable and effective industrial test solutions and services. Our extensive products and services including environmental simulation test chambers, vibration test and measurement equipment are used extensively in semiconductor, electronics, automotive, avionics and aerospace industries.

We have an experienced team whom are well trained to provide fast and customised solutions based on client requirements. Our client base includes some of the leading industrial manufacturers and conglomerates.

We are currently an accredited calibration lab under SAC-SINGLAS certification to ISO/IEC17025 Quality Standard. Cert. No. LA-2002-0247-C.